Tools I Use
Posted September 12, 2019
Tagged: productivity

This is inspired by uses this, a site that catalogs the tools used by developers and creators around the world.


I’m solidly entrenched as a Linux user, and my technology choices revolve around that. I try to use Free Software whenever possible.


Dell XPS 13 9360

A solid laptop with fantastic battery life. With a properly configured system, it’s possible to get 10+ hours of use out of it.

Roost Laptop Stand

I spend the whole day sitting at a desk, so ergonomics are important to me. The Roost stand is a perfect portable laptop stand so that I don’t spend the day leaning over with terrible posture.

Pok3r Mechanical Keyboard (MX Brown Switches)

Mechanical keyboards are awesome.


Google Pixel 2 XL

An excellent Android phone with great battery life and an even better camera. Beware though, the curved edges of the screen are extremely fragile.

Jabra Elite Active 65t

True wireless earbuds with great sound isolation. They’ve been very reliable so far, and I use them regularly for long runs.

Garmin Vivoactive 3

A good compromise between an advanced running watch and something more casual for day-to-day use. I’m a big fan, except for the part where the screen goes haywire if any water touches it.


Arch Linux

Rolling release Linux with the best package ecosystem I’ve seen. I’m a longtime user of Arch (since 2014), and I have yet to see any major system failures.


A crazy fast terminal emulator powered by the GPU. I spend my day working at a terminal, so that little bit of speed makes all the difference. It’s nice to have software that makes modern computers feel modern.


Chrome isn’t private enough anymore, and recent changes in Firefox Quantum mean the speed difference is negligible. I also like that Mozilla takes strong positions on Open Source.


Emacs is the closest thing I’ve found to a modern incarnation of Lisp Machines, and I love it. Despite the huge learning curve, it really can do anything you want it to (provided you’re willing to write some lisp).