About Zach

I'm currently based out of Boulder, CO. I started out programming, took a detour to study chemistry and math, and did some biochemistry and bioinformatics research along the way. Right now I'm in a PhD program in computer science, working on algorithm development in genomics.

At Work

I'm a graduate student in Computer Science. Right now I'm at CU Boulder working with Robin Dowell.

In the lab, I'm spending time on:

In the past, I've worked on:

At Home

In my free time, you can find me:


I don't use social media. I don't have enough time or willpower to use it and remain as productive as I'd like, so I try to avoid it. I also prefer maintaining control of my own data, as much as possible.

This Site

This website used to run on Gatsby, but the complexity and bundle size were getting ridiculous for the kind of site that I wanted to run. This site currently runs on Eleventy, which is working well and seems to be much faster than Gatsby. My needs for this site are simple enough that eventually I may hack together my own static site generator instead.